Sunday, April 1, 2012

Domestic Engineering

This is one of my favorite things
I live vicariously thru them
so much inspirations

Yesterday I picked up

( what are your favorites?)

 nothing better than Sophia's fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk
 a little break in the daily events

Auggie and Chef made these bird feeders
 for the birds that are returning to our frozen state
 and for the poor ones that are slowly thawing out.

I have to hand it to Newman...the design packaging of this delicious drink
  is ideal for bird feeders.

The cut outs have a beautiful Moorish arch and covered with fresh lemons and limes
 we hope there will be many winged visitors dining !

...and there is always time for some knitting...
even though I feel that I have to sneak time in the day to get to it.


Now I have to tell you something that I found simply amazing;
  it's the little things that makes life easier
 that impress me.

I have been a Domestic Engineer for close to 17 years
With 4 kids, 2 dogs , 1 cat, chef and my muck boots
 it's is hard to keep a house clean

I hate cleaning

I'd rather spend my time doing something else...

There are always little jam drips on the floor, spilt milk
 dog feet and your everyday dirt and dust bunnies.
I do crave clean floors
 can't stand walking on dirt  
 crunched up Cheerios or gooey honey spill.
So I mop!
Clears my head too.

I use a wonderful product called
it smells divine and is 100 % natural.

Now here's the thing ;

are you kidding me!!!
Why did I not know about this?
You just fill the little thing with some water and a tsp of cleaner, plug it in
 and steam away!
Man that mop is amazing.

The steam is what is super neat it actually lifts up the dirt
instead of sloshing it around like when I use the old mop.
I had my floor done 1/2 the time and it uses hardly any water.

 throw the cleaning pad in the laundry when done.
Love love love

More time to knit!

Even Mimi approves!

Well that's all folks
 I take being a domestic engineer serious
 it's all about
 recycle & reuse,
 feeling inspired
 creating a happy and stress free life
 anything to make it all a little easier.

Love to all
 peace out


  1. Okay, guess I need one of these too as I spend way too much time cleaning floors when I could be knitting! Thanks for telling me about it, I hadn't heard of it either.
    Is your huband a chef? My daughter is a graduate of Johnson & Wales and now teaches Culinary Art.

  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I feel EXACTLY the same way. I was just lamenting about the to investigate! I could crawl into your first picture...and those COOKIES. My mom is the magazine queen. She sends them up here when she is done with them, which works out good for me. My current fave subscriptions: Backpacker Magazine, Sunset, Outside, (British edition) Country Living ... Looking at my list..I must be dreaming of far off places! : )

  3. Hi Tracey- yes, Pierre is a chef- graduate from Culinary Inst. of America. He is currently working on opening his own local cafe. (Johnson & Wales was a huge consideration)

    Hi Leigh, eng. country living (lurv), outside, backpacker, sunset can ALL be found in our house. Have your read Whole Living? yep,another favorite.
    So are you coming to Lake McDonald this summer...or do I have to wait another year?

  4. ooh, so much to love here! i'd love to see the where women create magazine, must look for that. we have all those that beegirl does (my husband is a writer/photographer and a frequent contributor) and yes, whole living. i think we have every photo mag coming here too. surf mags and for me yoga journal. and birds and blooms, wild bird... lots of magazine goodness.

    the birdfeeders are fantastic!! i'm going to try making them too, i love this idea! your knitting is so sunny and pretty, can't wait to see when it's done.

    have fun with your floor mopper, what an invention!

  5. my husband is dying for one of those steam cleaners. i'm thinking he might get one for his birthday and hoping that because he looks at it as a "toy", he'll get it out and play with it often ;-)

    and what a gorgeous cat!

    ps: your sweater is looking lovely :)

  6. i am a recovering magazine addict. it's bad. i now only get them for free from the library and my dear mother, who subscribes to EVERY MAGAZINE ON EARTH, sends me Southern Living and Bon Appetit. LOVE the birdfeeders!

  7. That yarn is beautiful!
    I have a serious magazine "problem" - Mollie Makes, Marie Claire Idees, Natural Home, Country Living, Oh my. I could go on and on and on....

  8. I love magazines. It seems our little island sells some really weird ones. Ever heard of Meat Paper? It's like high brow foodie lit for butchers. Serious. The photography is amazing, and I can't tell (after six issues) if it's satire or not. I'll have to send you one. Your sweater is looking fantastic.

  9. Ecover has become a household staple on this side of the pond - and I too LOVE their floor cleaner - but the Shark? He's new to me. I'll have to investigate!!!


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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