Friday, March 29, 2013 girls


My life has changed so much in one year
never in my life thought I would have a horse, let alone two.
don't know who rescued who
 all I know is I am a better person for having them in my life
I acquired Fiona last winter-
a sad story
and Bella just naturally found her way into my life last fall when
 her then owner wanted to downsize her herd.

Every day they greet me at the gate and follow me around in the pasture
I have to pinch myself.

 happy to be out of their pasture
 tied up to the hitching post
 blankets off and being groomed

Bella  just turned 6 on March 9th

Frisians do not stop growing until they are 7 years old
Bella is about 1400 lbs
a big animal with a big heart
 so trusting and the sweetest horse ever
Frisians are very special
this was the horse  the knights were gifted as their horse once knighted

In early 1900 Frisians were almost extinct
originally from Holland
they were used as war horses
 hence so many were killed during 1st world war pulling the canons
 There were only 3 stallions left.
They have managed to breed them successfully
but they are still very rare

I plan on breeding them both in 2015

Like sisters...
where one goes - so the other
Fiona is the boss
 Bella accepts or gets a kick in the ......!
They eat together
 sleep together
I am very happy for Fiona
who was once alone.

Fiona & Bella are what's considered "green"
they only have 1 year of riding under their belt
 so the more they are ridden and worked
 the better
...and according to my "lovely" trainer
that is not going to be an issue for me
 since apparently she wants me to ride them 2 hrs. a day .....each
that only adds up to 4 hours a day!

Luther & Lily play a little game of chase

Fiona will be 7 years - June 13th
she is half Frisian & half Quarter horse
 which makes here a Frisian sport horse
she is super fast and very eager to please


they still have winter coats
and are in the process of shedding
I am usually covered from head to toe in black hair

finally the arena is snow-free
but of course this is Montana and this could change over night

Foghorn & chef are dragging the arena- getting it prepped

Eager to get to work again...them and me.
 to build on what we did last year
 applying everything I learned from Buck this fall

and riding outside again.

I couldn't be any luckier!

Riding:  The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground. 
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sur la table

This is the old table purchased a few weekends ago
it's actually a desk
The little plaque is still on:
 The Desk exchange
Arthur M Hansen
Seattle 1933

Chef is attacking it head on
with the grinder, wool head gear & muck boots....

Two layers of paint off
So that was a surprise....and a not a good one
the prior owner apparently loved his cigarettes and left them all around the edge to burn

But the cross hewn oak is amazing- beautiful striations

Working so hard
clothes are starting to come off...
The next day the big guns come out
 chef is hell bent on fixing up the table
legs come off and everything is re- enforced

Got rid of the cig burns and sanded smooth
 we rubbed Tung oil on - amazing product for refinishing furniture
and then a coat of Howard Feed-n-Wax
beeswax + orange oil

 now we have a most excellent kitchen table

Ready for some wonderful meals, conversations, baking and home work time

Sur la Table- means "on the table"
and there will be only goodness
served on the table from now on!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sick days

My "little one" aka Foghorn is sick today.

Even little Foghorns have to rest....
with his sweet breath, long eye lashes
 his scar on his for head he got last week from falling off the monkey bars

 wakes up only for a minute

only to snuggle into the warm wool blanket even deeper
...and fall asleep

once again

Sunday, March 24, 2013

around the water cooler

There are two things I especially adore with my girls...when they are softly chewing their hay
almost Zen like they are so content
and when they drink quiet, gently slurping up the water in long sips.
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. 
~Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life in the fast lane....

Crochet a few little urchins this weekend-very fun.
Nice to you use my own yarn
Had lunch with my dad at the café.
He is 80 years and has Alzheimer's- some days are good- some not.
This time it was great- we speak both Norwegian & American
a good visit.
Met some wonderful locals at the café too
Kelley & Shaun with their little son (so cute)
They have just opened a brewery in town
(if you are in town check them out)
 This village is getting some great little businesses
hi Kelley :)

also this week we signed up our oldest for drivers ed
Driving with Jules
is not like driving miss Daisy.
It's more like:
get in
sit down
shut up & hang on
He has a girl friend again so he is on a mission to get his license
Life in the fast lane.
(...and would probably kill me if he knew I was writing this...hehe)

Foghorn has been on the warrior path lately
in love with Vikings, Knights and Indians
and anything that has pointy and shiny edge to it works....

Winter came back
if only for a few days
I don't care
 in 2 weeks we are off to sunny Florida!
dreaming of sandy beaches, salt water and sunshine on my shoulders

In other news...
We bought this table this weekend
 It's actually a desk
 underneath it is written
~ co treasury 1933 ~
It has that nice rustic farm house quality 
painted a pleasant green
next weekend we are sanding and waxing the top to reveal
 it's true beauty
  oak -so it should turn out great
Picked up my needles for the first time in a while
 and started knitting a wee bit steps

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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