Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Yarn & Logo- a mystery solved and some help please!

Some new things with Twist & Twine

New Logo
My graphic designer Renee, did such a great job.
She is also working on updating my website and biz cards.

 New yarn

can be found
Twist & Twine
Introducing 2 new ones:

Isabella sock
 this one is a lovely British Falkland Merino fingering yarn

Cordelia DK

This is the softest ever- I just want to knit hats or baby stuff all day with this.

4ply DK weight
100% British Falkland merino

Twist & Twine ETSY shop has also some new yarns.

100 % SW Merino fingering & worsted weight
Sock yarn 75/25 merino-nylon


A Mystery has been solved!

I use my hands all day
 spinning, dyeing, knitting
 and now horseback riding

~ I finally figured out why my hands were hurting so dang much these past months ~

The doc told me I had RSI
and needed to have my hand in a brace and take it easy.

 Are you kidding me I don't have time for that.

A year ago I started working out 4-5 times a week using a 10 lbs kettle ball
it's is an amazing workout
but not for my hands

it can get really heavy with the constant swing motion
 I feel so stupid- but also so grateful
 that I figured out that is the reason for the pain!

 There is nothing so depressing when knitting is just so excruciatingly painful

so I guess it's back to running
and more yoga.


 Okay, now I could use your help

(Having trouble with my new tag line)
1.  Poetry in color
 2. Fiberlove
3. Dream. Knit. Love.
4. Art with a heart
5. Knitting pretty
6. Your daily fiber
7. Knit in color
8. Knitbliss
9. Imagine color
10. Celebrate color
11. Knit Happy!
12. Hand-dyed fiber

I could really use your feedback
pick 2 of your faves

-would loveit if you had any other ideas?


  1. it isn't fair to taunt us with all this yarny goodness!!! love your color combos camilla.

    and your least now you know. and now you can make changes that allow you to knit pain free.

    new logo looks fantabulous. as far as tag lines...
    i personally like poetry in color and :)

  2. my fave is 4. Art with a heart (perfect with your new logo)

  3. I just received a skein of your yarn and i love it. Not ready to knit with it - just admiring. I like "poetry in color"

  4. I like 1 and 12 - but I'm a simple, kind of person. (:

    I do love your new logo. Some day (when I'm allowed to buy yarn again), I will try your yarns. The colors are so very nice. You certainly have an eye for it. (:

  5. My fav is dream knit love. Sorry about your hands, you better pamper them and baby them so you are back to being super healthy!

  6. Oh, you really are a yarn goddess!
    I like Poetry in Color and Dream. Knit. Love.
    I hope your hands will start to feel better soon.
    I am suppose to wear a brace and when I do my hands really
    do feel better, but I'm not real good at doing what I'm told!

  7. Tough choice....

    I like

    Dream. Knit. Love.


    Celebrate Color

    Sorry, I know that's three. :)
    Just came by your blog for the first time today. Wanted to say hello. LOVE your yarn!

    Love, Taryn

  8. really love your logo camilla. and i love too.
    and your yarns, oh how i love those. please be gentle with your hands. have you tried the warm wax therapy?

  9. Beautiful!! I love #1 and #7!!

  10. Thank you all for helping me - great to get feedback :)
    so far a tie between #1 and #3

  11. Hi Camilla,
    I was delighted to see your comment on my blog! Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

    Love, Taryn

  12. I like #4 for its rhyme and with your logo. Hmmm
    Pet-able color.
    :) Helen

  13. I would choose nr 3. Isn't that what it's all about when it comes to knitting? Runner up is definitely nr 1, brings out the artsy side of what you do.

    Love the new colors, you have me drooling here.. and hoping that your hands get better. Krya på dig!

  14. Why hello there mummy of 4, me too, including the hand issues, only mine was Carpal Tunnel Sydrome. I've had it since i was pregnant with my 4th baby aged 28, took me 8 years to get the surgery/ find time - you know the drill, especially when you are a craftaholic. I'm at the 2.5 month mark since surgery, pain & numbness went instantly, magic surgery, just dealing with the swelling & get up off the Yoga mat like a very old old lady as the pressure on my palms is still tender, but i'm getting there. Don't put off taking care of this, i did & i almost made it irreparable, shudder. Take care Free Range Chickety Chick, we're just getting into having chickens in the garden, they are gorgeous, love Posie

  15. Oh nice yarn too, i have plenty waiting to be used, i haven't sewn, knitted or crocheted for almost 8 months, it was my business for over a decade & poof, i gave it all up, because of my silly hands, love Posie

  16. I like - and I love your yarn too!!


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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