Thursday, June 7, 2012

She is home

She is home.
The moment I have been waiting for so long. Fiona came here on my birthday....and what a present it was. She is adjusting well, happy, healthy and has plenty of dapples.. She rolls, she sleeps laying down like a little bunny in the warm sun. She is making friends with the fam and the dogs....chases the tractor and whinnies when I come with hay. It is truly unreal to me - like a dream. Chef built a garden shed last year to be used for, yes the garden, who knew.... it has become my tack room. I have made a beautiful arena to ride in and train her, planted aspen and roses around the fence.
No matter rain or shine we work- I have been lunging her in torrential rain storms that we have been having lately until we are both sopping wet. Grooming her in the warm sun- till she shines so beautifully, practicing my "old man walk" (if you watched the Buck movie you know what I am talking about) we are bonding.
I have been riding my trainers horses to get my stamina back ready to begin riding Fiona this month, (she makes it all look so easy) and has been working with me in the rain and the wind...I feel like I have been training for the Olympics...I so appreciate her dedication to me and getting Fiona ready.
2 days before my birthday the last day Fiona was at the stables- she surprised me and said
"Today is the day".
I rode her for the first time.
Imagine having the most beautiful present in the world, lovely packaged in brightly colored paper and beautiful  ribbon...but never opening it, just loving it for what it was. Well, I did get to open my present- by riding her, I cried the whole trainer just laughed.
I feel as if I am 12 again.
Blowing out my candles on my birthday cake this year I wished for all of my families dreams to come true.
Mine had.
This is not just about having a horse- this is getting back something that I thought I had lost-
How can you wish for anything more when your dreams have come true?


  1. oh this made me have tears, happy happy birthday to you and your loved fiona because she has you now too and that is surely a gift to her.
    such a beautiful post camilla. (i always wish for my family the same)

  2. I really must agree with Lori, this post has brought a stream of happy tears. To have such joy in your life Camilla, such love, is a blessing and one I am glad you have been given. Welcome back, I have missed you in this space. I know your time with your mom was fulfulling and I hope your heart must be running over. Happy Birthday.

  3. How wonderful! So happy for you! Enjoy!

    P.S. Your blog is so beautiful!

  4. A lovely post and beautiful pics. So very happy for you, such a wonderful birthday gift. Enjoy!

  5. she is divine, it's wonderful that she makes you so simply happy.

  6. She is beautiful and your words gave me chills. Enjoy her Camilla you two were meant for one another.

  7. hello dear! so glad you are tip toed in on me! and i love love love your new look! so serene and pleasing! and hooray for you and fiona. i found this very go find that thing that moves ME and hang onto it and let myself fall right in. i hope your summer is going well and i'm so glad you are back!

  8. so very happy for you and fiona my dear! she's a beauty :)

  9. So glad to see you back! Enjoy your beautiful Fiona. She looks at home in her new surroundings. What a feeling of freedom and happiness it must be to ride her.

    And I love the above images of Glacier and Avalanche! I'm headed to Glacier/Apgar on Thursday. So excited to get back to my favorit-est place ever!

  10. Wonderful! I'm happy for you!!! xo


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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