Friday, April 19, 2013

If six by the sea.....



Anyone who is thinking about a vacation with kids...I highly recommend Sanibel Island.
A little island located outside For Meyers Florida.
Sanibel island is very family oriented- I felt safe with my kids everywhere.
..and yes it is touristy- but there are ways to get away from the pack.
A great way to get around is renting a bike-
Families biking everywhere.
I have never seen so many sporty and in shape senior citizens in my life!
These guys are running and biking every where with attitude-
you don't want to mess with them
very inspiring.
I don't think you can grow old in Florida?
 Breathtaking beaches...and some...not so much- a mix.
The weather was fabby in April accept for one day, but it was nice to take a break from the sun.
My 2 youngest went shelling in the early morning on the beach-
which was always busy with walkers, runners, families and little kids.
It worked out well with my 17 year old-
nothing like getting him hooked on the camera
so that he could upload pictures on Facebook of his travels.
 He could  talk to his girl friend on his phone and not feel so disconnected from his life in Montana
Jules was actually really happy and pleasant to be around.
It was super awesome that the 4 kids hung out together
not much bickering or fighting.
They swam, played soccer and scoured the beaches.
No TV the whole week.
Chef and I actually got some time to walk on the beach alone
 usually I have one child on my hip and holding a little ones hand.
It was different...different- but good.
There are all kinds of nature preserves, museums and restaurants to amuse yourself with
or if your like us, we just hit the beaches.
 Found a great gourmet grocery store up north with wicked good coffee
a yogurt shop - delicioso!
...and a thrift shop that took checks from Montana.
It sure is a different world by the sea.
We stayed for 6 days and it was plenty
I missed my animals and chef had to get back to the café.
It's good to go away for a bit- get a break and little perspective.
Do you have a favorite vacation spot?


  1. It looks lovely, I know people who have been there and love it.

    So nice to get away, but always nice to head back home.

    Happy weekend.

  2. So glad you had a great time! Gorgeous photos..
    We always seem to end up in Sedona. Sigh.. Thanks for your comments ~ Missing the AZ sun..
    38 with a bit of snow here this morning : |

  3. sounds like the perfect family holiday that was very much needed. and appreciated! our family did the same thing when i was 17, i still remember sanibel and all the shells! when my children were growing up our place to go was mexico, we had a vacation house on the beach in baja and every chance we got we would escape there! so many wonderful memories :)

  4. Camilla, it sounds like you had an amazingly wonderful vacation. Having the chance to make memories is such a beautiful gift to give to your family. How beautiful Sanibel is,it reminds me of home. So, what did you find at the thrift store?

    1. ...actually some really awesome hand knit sweaters...go figure (in Florida?)a few little things for the café.

  5. That sounds like a lovely place to be! Our favorite place would be the North Shore of Minnesota. There is something so magical and powerful about Lake Superior. We like to head way up the arrowhead to Grand Marais, which is a sweet little town with amazing folk artists. I highly recommend it!

    I will have to keep your trip in mind. As much as I love MN this was a gloomy and dark winter. Some sun sounds nice!

    1. I have always wanted to visit Minnesota- this wouldn't be to far from us...sounds wonderful.

  6. Our trip to Florida this year was not a great one. Usually we miss the crowds and have the place to ourselves. Not so this time. The boys were great but we travel with my brother and sister in law, they have decided not to have children so their patience runs a bit thin with children and parents. It's trying. I think next year we will do a ski trip and then probably take a Florida vacation by ourselves. Your pictures are beautiful! There were no shells where we were this year.

    1. Does that mean you'll come visit me Jane?
      Big Mountain is awesome- and I have kids.... lots of them :)

  7. Our favorite place to vacation is Porcupine Mountains State Park in upper Michigan on Lake Superior. We like to visit in late fall after all of the other tourists are gone.

    When we visited Jasper/Banff/Yoho, we felt the same way about the elderly people who were blowing by us on the hiking trails. Maybe we'll retire there one day...


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
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and may the Rainbow
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~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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