Friday, December 9, 2011

Soul space

As of late we- I have had a very hectic life.
Much has changed with my kids and also my husband and his new career.
Sometimes I feel like all I can do is hang on.
Helping and supporting my family in anyway I can is my first priority...sometimes because it's a necessity.
The feeling of loosing my self in my husband and 4 children's life comes up now and then.

So I found many ways of giving my self
 "Soul space"
I need to take care of my soul...
how else will it take care of me?

Most days I start with my yoga practice.
It helps center me.
An elixir that I can no longer live without - especially living in the dark winters here in Montana.
Yoga is part of me.

No.1 Yoga

Then I might dive into my knitting basket and pull out something that looks appealing.
Knitting has always been my "Happy place"

No.2  Knitting

The days are very grey as mentioned
and as I was taking this image of my cardi
in the window sill....
funny thing I noticed the "warning" sign.
I didn't crop it.
Could be a little sign... my soul speaking
take some time.
Make a little space for me ( my soul)
Warning...don't forget.

Another thing that feeds my soul is literal.

Yes, food.

I love food.
In the winter time I drink my fair share of hot cocoa.
There is nothing so satisfying as a hot cup of cocoa by the the warm fire.
Then of course I start dreaming of dinner...
Pasta tonight with a fresh green salad
 simple olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
 with a lovely red cab.
I can smell it.
My soul is smiling now.

# 3 Food.

and last but not least...
the weekend
with family.
It takes a village.
and yes that is what we are doing baking a village.
Instead of baking/creating a laaaarge ginger bread house that Mimi- our cat likes to wander thru
and eventually collapses.
We are all making/baking small individual houses to put together as a village
With the 6 of us I think it will be pretty neat.

No. 4 Family

 Isn't funny how I needed space from them
only to be drawn back in....
My soul loves their space.

Full of energy, love and happiness.

( Did you believe that?)

 When they are not fighting,yelling or

Now in my yarn basket
I do see a sock yarn that I dyed this summer that is calling my name...
you can never have too many socks.
ehem.... nothing like having 39 projects going on at once.
Makes my soul happy.

I think bottom line is
as long as you can do what you want to do once in a while
by your self or with someone
 it creates a lovely and well needed space
for your soul to grow and to just

How do you create Soul Space?


  1. What a way to start my Saturday! The knitting is gorgeous. I love the new yarn for this sort of thing. I started a project with it and it is so so soft.
    Thanks for sharing your soul food!


  2. I need to blog more often and I would read you every day then! My soul space is my creative space too. It's my meditation at 5.30am and two hour's of peace before the rough and tumble of the kids as they wake and take over the day. It's milky coffees and that energy pumping run as often as I can. The effects when I don't wake up early, or don't take the time to run are catastrophic (at least on the inside). Nourish that soul of yours Camilla :)
    Love the Winter pics. I have been marvelling at the leaf storms we have been having. They seem scary until I stand outside in the middle of it all.


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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