Friday, June 22, 2012

Good News - Bad News a Norwegian Saga

Good News: My uncle, cousin and his daughter came to visit from Norway for a few days. We went hiking in Glacier Park- a big hit.
Bad News: It was raining like crazy with thunder & lightning

Good News: Arne & Knut felt like Lewis & Clark- the "Core of Discovery" here in Montana...taking it all in.
Bad News: They quarreled about who would be Lewis and who would be Clark...hehe

Good News: Even skipping rocks is fun on rainy days
Bad News: Hard to see where the rock ends up in the water because of all the rain drops.

Good News: I truly haven't felt this happy in so long- just being and speaking Norwegian with my family
Bad News: I want to move back home.

Bad News: Still raining
Good News: We ate a lot of Swiss chocolate...a must when Norwegians hike- Chocolate.

Bad News: Holy crap I see a grizzly- or Forest Sharks as I call them (didn't exactly help either that I watched "Night of the Grizzlies" the evening before on PBS...ehem.
Good News: It is a beautiful Moose...and in theory can be much more dangerous- gulp.

Good News: It was on the other side of the lake.
Bad News: No one was as excited as I was

Good News: We are heading out and ready to eat lunch.
Bad News: Everyone is wet, still raining....and I met our pesky neighbors from Connecticut on the trail...grrr.

Good News: The sun came thru just in time for lunch al fresco and some more rock skipping.
What a memorable day.

Bad News:
I want to get serious here.
When we came home my daughter was very lethargic, dizzy and had a fever. She did not sleep that well that night and was crying all morning because she hurt all over so bad. I started to see a rash appear in her face and arms also on her torso. We hurried to the doctor and had several blood tests
done. Sophia had contracted a very rare but not completely uncommon bacterial disease:
Spotted Rocky Mountain Fever.
It came from a tick bite. Spring and Fall are tick season here in the NW. She is on steroids and antibiotics and responding very well. This disease attacks the kidneys and internal organs and there have been cases that have been fatal if not treated. So with that if you feel flu like symptoms, body aches, dizziness and a body rash appears after a hike in these neck of the woods. Don't hesitate going to the doctor.

We have to end this Norwegian Saga on good note:
Sophia is feeling much, much better. We had some wonderful days with our family and wonderful memories to cherish...rain or no rain.
...and swiss chocolate.

Snip snapp snute saa var eventyret ute!


  1. I grew up in Oklahoma. We used to go to girl scout camp (out in the wilderness) and every night when we got home we'd check for ticks. I was raised to be terrified of Rocky Mountain Fever. It's odd because no one else I've talked to has ever heard of it.

    Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!

  2. Camilla, I know you said you want to move to Norway, but oh my goodness, your home state now is just breathtaking.
    I am so, so sorry to hear about your daughter. We have had a huge problem with ticks here this year, I think it is because of the mild winter we had. It is a daily job to check for ticks when coming in from outside.
    All my guys use Octagon Soap which the old timers around here say helps keep the ticks away.
    Sending many healing thoughts your way and wishes for a beautiful weekend.

  3. Wow, your pictures are beautiful, even in the rain. It looks like such a lovely time with your family.

    And all the best to your daughter for a speedy recovery, sending healing vibes your way.

  4. Wow what saga! Complete with pics! I'm Danish myself and have never been to Scandinavia. Thanks for the story!

  5. oh how i enjoyed this post! and felt your joy and angst all at once. you will be going back to visit before too long right? i hope that gives you comfort to look forward to.
    love the moose, they can be so dangerous, but so cute too!

    and that is so scary about sophia, thank goodness you reacted quickly and she is on the mend. it's good you shared so more will be aware!

    what is the meaning of your last sentence? the norweigian one? :)

    1. Hi Lori,
      When you tell or read a Norwegian tale or saga this is always the ending: "Snip snap snout - now the tale is out"

    2. i didn't know, i love it! thank you camilla!

  6. Poor, dear Sophie. I am crazy about ticks. In AZ, we don't really have them. Here inDC for a few months and it is all I can think about.

    Beautiful place you live. So glad the hike went well even with the rain and annoying neighbors. Hoping you get home soon. It sounds like this trip helped fill the void of missing home. Perhaps a real trip can help the longing. Hugs.

  7. So glad Sophie is going to be okay. We have ticks everywhere around here! Our dog contracted Lyme disease from one. So glad you had fun with your family! I miss Norway and I don't even live there.... Happy Monday!

  8. Gosh
    I just saw this post. . .holy cow.
    I will write tommorrow I cannot type on this thing.
    hugs to you and your daughter.

  9. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better and that you caught is soon!

    And I'm glad you had your family visiting. Very special.


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~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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