Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yarnalong- Oaklet shawl

Oaklet shawl

SO here's the thing.... I messed up.
 the very last part of the lace pattern
 I lost count with the kids running around me asking 250 questions
and 90 degree hot weather
 I spaced...
Yep, so I am being honest here

 it is not finished to perfection.
 Therefor I am not linking the pattern

But for me it's about the journey- it's a fun pattern to knit and easy
(if you are paying attention)
  and already a favorite - imperfections and all.

 I am reading this book.
Mark Sundeen
I found it refreshing especially with all the plethora of books out there on how to:
 "get rich quick or 101 wealth strategies"

This book has me in deep thoughts
thru out my day
 how much we really have as a society
how much do we really need
...untill satisfied
Appreciating how and where I live in this beautiful country
and finding everyday abundance
feeling extraordinary privileged

I think this book is a life changer for me.

Getting off my soapbox...

What's on your needles?

Joining Ginny today.


  1. "It's a journey", how very true my dear Camilla and now you have a lovely shawl to wear and love. Perfection? Very over rated. :)
    Life changing books are the best kind to read and now I must find a copy of your book.

  2. I think it looks lovely....I've had the same problem recently with a hat...

  3. Finding the abundance in the everyday is so key for me. I think I need to pick up this need. And imperfection is what makes it all so special IMO.

  4. The shawl is gorgeous anyway, I'd never have guessed at any errors! Just away to look up that book, can't resist a life changer!!

  5. I do not see any mistakes-it is gorgeous and I love that it is your yarn!! If you only knew how many mistakes I fudge here and there...

  6. your shawl looks gorgeous! and the color, perfect. mistakes, schmistakes, can't see 'em so i declare this a winner :)

  7. The shawl looks awesome, mistakes and all. And your book it being added to my list, thanks!

  8. Lovely shawl and such pretty yarn. It looks perfect to me.

  9. Hi Camilla,
    Your oaklet shawl (and your pictures) are so beautiful, I'm in awe.

    Also, that book sounds good. I just wrote it on my list "to read."

    Love, Taryn

  10. I've been wanting to read that book! Now I'll have to see what I can find at the library..

  11. oh camilla your shawl, your yarn, you, it's all so very lovely. i respect your admission of a mistake, i tried to do the same with my cardigan i just made and shared on yarnalong, but i can just feel my mother shaking her head, she used to say never point out your flaws :)

    i love your shawl and i have to ask if you have anymore of that colorway, i am in love with it.

    1. ...the colorway is something I was experimenting time I dye up yarn I'll keep it in mind Lori.

  12. Oaklet is on my list so glad to see yours.
    knitting mom's and perfection it's not always gonna happen.
    I told my girls when they would make a little mistake in sewing,
    "if some one is close enough to see that, slap them!" :)

  13. Thank you for sharing about that books - sounds like something I would enjoy and the shawl did come out beautifully.

  14. guess what? I'm making that shawl right now (and have been for the last three months) and I will screw up on that lace SO BIG TIME it will make you feel so much better!

  15. Looks beautiful. I love the color you selected.


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May the Great Spirit
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~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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