Monday, July 16, 2012

Re- inventing!

the  time I love to sew...don't know why, it just is that way.

I picked up this neat book at the library and I liked quite a few projects.
Very practical.

I like practical

So it was time for my Lucky jeans to get a
Lucky makeover
a re- invention.

I also added some cute material found at the thrift store for the liner.

a nifty and practical sack from the farmers market or library...or to hold my knitting.

I think the lining turned out pretty cute...
in all this project took me about  a good 2 hrs from start to finish.

Feels good to make something from what you already have around the house.
 I have more things cut out and ready to be sewn from this book.
more to come...

 Re- inventing is definitely re- warding.

What do you like to do in summer time?


  1. that bag is darling! i really want to get a sewing a machine! it’s not in the budget right now, but hopefully soon! i pick up handwork in the summer...found a funny fringe kit at the thrift store the other day and am ‘fringe-ing’. no, i don’t really know what that means either, but will post it soon!

    1. Try or is it org. Anyway, two people this month in our area were giving away sewing machines.

  2. adorable bag! I've been hoping to check that book out of the library soon, too.

  3. Cute bag! I love how the yarn is peeking out :) Any project that is created with stuff around the house will always be a winner in my mind!!

  4. I need to pick up that book! I sew in the summer too. Early in the morning. But mostly, I've been reading. Trying to be a model for the boys. Not sure if I'm accomplishing that goal, but I'm sure enjoying catching up on books that I've put off for awhile. happy week to you Camilla!

  5. Love the bag. I will have to check out that book, it looks pretty great.

  6. I just love Maya and wished I sewed so I could use her book. Guess I will just have to live thru you as it's not pretty when I sit at the sewing machine. The bag looks just too sweet.
    Summer for me means cleaning out all the 'stuff' we some how collect the rest of the year. This year it also means more time at the beach and learning to relax, take care of myself and just breathe!

  7. very, very cute camilla! makes me wish i could sew ;-)

    for me summer means reading, relaxing, hanging out with my kidlets without the pressure of school, etc.

  8. you are one of "those." (Brilliant seamstresses.)
    I am making totes for my kids right now to take on our upcoming week getaway. They will NOT look so tidy and pro as yours.
    Beautiful! Beautiful!

  9. What a fantastic bag. I love repurposing. I gathered our old jeans and those of friends to make my oldest son a quilt. He loves it. Summer usually means sweater knitting for me. I have no idea why, but I tend to knit them during the hottest time of the year.

  10. what beautiful work you do camilla! your bag looks amazing, and i really love how you've repurposed materials to make it, fantastic! i sewed for many years when my children were small, most of their clothes and toys and things around the house, curtains, napkins and such. i look at my machine every day, but don't go to it, i knit instead! here we really do knit year round, both my adult and childrens classes are close to full. and a knitalong group i am in meets every week in the morning, everyone knitting too! but i must say your beautifully sewn bag is very motivating!

  11. Found your blog via Nancy/One Thrifty Knitter. Gorgeous photos and great bag.

  12. Camilla,
    I REALLY LOVE your bag! I love the denim and the fabric inside.
    My Grandma made me a bag out of denim when I was a little girl. And I still use it to this day. :)

    Love, Taryn

  13. LOVELY! The bag AND your pictures. Oh no, my want-to-do-list is long enough already... :-) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Did you make that little blue jean like handbag from sewing or did you buy it?


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