Monday, January 21, 2013

...lost my way.

Finding myself a little lost these days.....each time I show up to write something - I don't what to say. Four months away from this space gave me time to question why I had a blog- what was the purpose?
What do I have to say that is worth reading? In what way can I contribute?
I lost my "mojo"- what inspired me so...being creative, writing- designing, photography etc. My horses, cafe and family just took up so much space in my life - there was little time.
I'd come back to this blog and try to write something but choked-no words. 
Looking at your images posted and feel the enthusiasm in your words.
Inspired but froze up- it used to be so easy.
No longer spinning or knitting, have to save my hands for riding- so that part of blogging is gone. Other interests have taken it's place, my horses- skiing.
Want to be creative again...but not sure how to get there?
Maybe this is it for me, with blogging. it true, not all who wander are lost?

What does blogging mean to you, why do you blog- what purpose does it have in your life?


  1. Hello,
    I think about this questions often and just recently considered stopping or at least stop writing and just keep it as a family journal with pictures but then every so often I receive an email or a comment or a little nudge that I decide to listen to - and continue to share what we are doing.
    I would love to hear how your cafe is doing.
    Warm wishes,

  2. I miss your posts and your beautiful pictures! These photos are staggering. I think that reading other blogs, daily perspectives from other cultures and countries, helps to broaden the mind (though the same certainly couldn't necessarily be said about reading mine - Lol!)
    At the end of the day though, you gotta do what you gotta do (and if you sell off any remnant yarn from your spinning days, you gotta let me know! I had always hoped to buy some from you!)

  3. Just blog about what you're doing! If you're horse riding that's a post. I like looking into 'windows' of people's lives what ever they are doing or thinking. Your photos are truly lovely and I hope you find your voice! I blog because I talk a lot in real life. I love when people visit, and I love meeting new people and visiting their blogs. I am always drawn to clean lines and beautiful photography.

  4. Hi - I started following your blog not for your words but for your images. Your photography is beautiful and reminds me of some of the great times my husband and I have spent hiking in the Rockies.

  5. hello my friend. so many of your words are familiar to me... i miss you. i would love to hear how the kids are.
    my baby is taking the SAT and turning 18 next month. You were always so supportive while I was homeschooling.
    we met through your beautiful blog.

  6. Questions I think we all ask ourselves. I blog to keep track of the journey I am on with my little man, to share and to create community (this was one I never in my wildest dreams expected).

    Like Kelly, I was attracted to your blog for your images, they are stunning. I have missed you in your space, and do hope after you wander a little bit you might find your way back here.

  7. Camilla,
    I am sorry you have lost your way, I really do think it is something we all go through. Life is always changing and as such, so are we. What we are passionate about today may not be what we care about next week. I for one would love to hear about your cafe and the horses that are now part of your family. Really, if the words won't come how about just photos of where you live, which is so different from my home? In the end you must do what is right for you and what fuels your soul. Regardless, I am happy to see you in this space, I've missed you 'beansprout'!

  8. Hugs, dear Camilla. I started just as a means to keep family updated on our life. Now more of me shines through. I write for me; not for someone else. I will never have huge followers, but that is okay. It is my journal of sorts. I think if you still feel drawn to just write what you feel and focus on what is truly important to you.

  9. oh dear camilla, i have been thinking about you so much and missing you too. i love your blog, and loved following your journey. seeing where you live, hearing the passion for the mountains you love, your beautiful children, horses, the cafe and yes your wool. all the things that are your world. i do believe that sometimes that lost feeling can be natures way of making us taking a rest right where we are. i hope you will be gentle with yourself, taking time however you need and if and when you find your voice we will be here with hugs to welcome you.

  10. I think we have all been there Camilla. Sometimes when you step away from something for a while, you see that you can live without it. But I am sure you will find your way back. It just may not be as important as it once was. You have just found different avenues to be creative. Soon everything will settle and you will find your vioce again. I enjoy your beautiful images, so maybe just have your blog be a photojournal of sort for bit? Take you time, we will all still be here.


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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