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Basecamp Cafe



We have been in business since end of August 2012- and so far there have been many smiles, laughter and also many tears. It definitely has it ups & downs. We figured out REAL quick that the business is not about dreaming up delish recipes and serving customers- making tons of money. It is very labor intensive, chef has 6 burners going, the flattop, oven, mixers and blenders going at the same time a beautifully orchestrated symphony of eggs, waffles, bacon swirling all together in unison...
I really don't see how he does it.
We have 2 part time baristas and a cook. Dishwasher- c'est moi! ...which I actual love- I kinda zen out in the mountain of dishes and warm water. "Our once in a while when not skiing weekend warriors"- Julian helps with the prep and dishes, Sophia has become quite the barista and can serve you a mean latte of any sort. Auguste works out side cleaning and maintaining when he is not inside eating a croissant or cinnamon roll and Foghorn is the tester and loves to taste test especially the sweet stuff.

Unfortunately Pierre is always "on" he picks up his cell phone on his day off and Christmas was horrible this year- because of employees, schedules etc.- NO FUN.
We had to fire 2 employees, one for stealing and can you believe it...bad mouthing us? You get all kinds of folks applying for jobs, and you just have to cross your fingers that you made the right decision. We are learning e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

On the bright side; the community of Columbia Falls has embarrassed us with open arms- we have a huge following of locals...and are bracing ourselves for spring and summer when the tourists arrive. A good draw is also the outdoor seating we offer with picnic tables. Our happy campers are everything from the loyal church ladies, pastors, teachers, high schoolers, seniors, hikers,  bikers, loggers,  snowmobilers,  hipsters,  mommies and the daddies bringing in their kids for a bite to eat. Our beautiful librarians, the dentists, lawyers and the local judge- several of the EMT's come to eat and rush out with sirens blaring when they are called out- we are blessed and truly grateful for this opportunity to run a little neighborhood cafe.

We are known for our eclectic yet traditional breakfast & lunch and are now open for brunch on Sundays. We serve waffles, breakfast burritos, pulled pork sandwiches, salads to name a few. I think the customers pick up on our relaxed and unpretentious attitude- the cafe is very warm and cozy.
The atmosphere is casually rustic- people enjoy the outdoorsy look we have going. Young & old seem to enjoy our little space, the good word is spreading- and that is something to smile about!

If you in these neck of the woods stop by and say Hi!

Here is our Facebook page: Base Camp Cafe

This is from Stockyard cafe in Bozeman MT it's called "The way" this! Thinking we have to make this "Base Camp Way" too...

o Keep your fork !
o If you have a fork, you don't need a spoon to stir your coffee.
o Don't expect ice.
o Expect ice cream on any dessert--whats dessert without it ?
o Tuxedos optional.
o Kill or remove ants crawling on the counter.
o Pass the Tabasco or ketchup to your needy
o Wait till bean asks you for your order.......there is an order to things believe it ... or not.
o Move down when people need to sit.
o Put money out on the edge of the counter when you're ready to hit the road.
o If you are becoming or are a regular, lets exchange names....expect me to know it after 3 visits.
o When we are in the weeds, expect to clear off the tables yourself
o Read the hours on the door--we don't advertise, so tell your special friends.
o Feel free to come in right at closing or even after--we are flexible with that.
o We don't make promises about eggs--they come "over" or "scrambled"
o Don't take more coffee if you aint gonna drink it--
o Use all the syrup or ketchup you squirt on your plate.take scraps to dogs.
o Say goodbye whenya leave. greetings are part of the deal here.
o If you ask me "whats good" expect a smart remark
o Read the boards
o Tell me to quiet down. i will tell you to clean your plate.
o Save room for dessert, always.
o If you really hate the music, say so, i will change it.
o Expect truthfulness, as will i.
o If your food has arrived, your friends food will follow.
o Coffee guzzlers--look for coffee carafes on the counter.
o Expect the unexpected.
o Remember, we need you, you need us. we are all in this together. love alot.
o Hate little.
o Live by your heart and keep finding it at the stockyard cafe.
o In Whitman's words. "i celebrate myself and sing myself, and what i assume you shall assume for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."


  1. I wish I lived closer because it looks like a fun place to sit and eat and make new friends :) So glad it's a success and I knew there would be hard work involved!! Congrats on seeing a dream become reality-and getting all those pesky permits!!!

  2. I want to come for Sunday Brunch - it looks fabulous! Well done with all your grafting, you're all so clever and determined.

  3. I could definitely see our family becoming regulars quite quickly at Base Camp. Unfortunately we live too far away. Perhaps during our next road trip your way we will stop to say hi.

  4. It looks so wonderful! If I ever make it your way, we will be stopping in for sure!

  5. Camilla, I am so happy for you and your family. I know it has been hard work and so many tears have gone into this, but it is so lovely to see it all unfold into something so worthwhile and beautiful. I am sorry you have had to deal with the ugly part of employees,I know how that hurts when they steal and badmouth, we have had that happen too. I hope one day to make it for a visit and to stop at Base Camp for breakfast and lunch. I would love to help with the dishes just so we could have a chance to talk and visit longer.

  6. i cannot imagine all the hard work, joys and frustrations. look what you have made, it is an awesome place camilla, i love that it brings community together, just looking at these photos i can feel the love and warmth and good food served here. i hope chuck and i can make it there someday!

  7. Can you hear my tummy growling?! I wish I could be there now!! Truly, right now...this minute!! Road trip!! :)


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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