Monday, February 25, 2013

Prairie Sisters Party




Saturday we loaded up in the pick up and drove down to Kalispell to the annual Prairie Sisters Party. I couldn't make it last year so I was really eager to see what all the fuss was about this year. Lots of different vendors, jewelery, furniture, jams & jellies, antiques, signs and collectibles or as they call it junk- fun junk. I love exploring and seeing new ideas and new ways of giving salvage furniture- wood new life.
It was a grand time and something for everyone even the birds....

... of all the images the one with the 2 ladies in front of "Matties jams & jellies" was my favorite- they were just too sweet!


  1. Looks like a really cool event to attend!

  2. oh wow, I love the mirror with the boa and the tutu- how fancy is that!

  3. camilla i love your photos, they are just beautiful and really make me wish i were there. what a fun day! did you bring anything home with you? :)

  4. that looks like so much fun and those cupcakes!!! I would love to attend something like that over here.

  5. Cakes and jams!!! That looked like a fab trip.


May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing

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